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  • Kary Correa

    on 02/09/2016 Via Google++
    en la escuelita

    en la escuelita
  • on 15/01/2012 Via Youtube
    KIIS-FM Los Angeles Bruce Vidal 1995 California Aircheck Video

    RIP Bruce Vidal, this was from 1995 at KIIS-FM when he was doing afternoons. Full video available from California Aircheck http://californiaaircheck.com.

  • RT @ddlovato: Dear California, I would love to wake up without immediately needing a Benadryl for once... Can we start tomorrow? Thanks.

  • Vidal, California

    Marais salants près de Iron Mountain. (2010)

    Salt flats near Iron Mountain.


    Vidal, California Marais salants près de Iron Mountain. Salt flats near Iron Mountain.
  • Sweet California

    I ❤ you

    Sweet California I ❤ you
  • Source: The Atlantic on 02/09/2016

    An Animated History of 20th Century Hairstyles, Cont'd
    New York stylist Suga did Hamill’s hair, but the vogue seems traceable back to Vidal Sassoon's London salon where it ... When news broke late last year of a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, most people in the rest of the country, and even ...

  • Source: NASDAQ on 02/03/2016

    Redstone Resigns as CBS Executive Chairman--3rd Update
    a California judge ordered that Mr. Redstone be examined by a geriatric psychiatrist who is working on behalf of Ms. Herzer. In a legal filing by Ms. Herzer, Mr. Redstone was described as a "living ghost" unable to follow conversations. Gabrielle Vidal, a ...

  • Norick Amano

    on 01/13/2016 Via Google++
    he anniversary of one’s death
    Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp (March 19, 1848 – January 13, 1929) was an American gambler; Pima County, Arizona, deputy sheriff; and deputy town marshal in Tombstone, Arizona, who took part in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, during which lawmen killed three outlaw Cowboys. He is often regarded as the central figure in the shootout in Tombstone, although his brother Virgil was Tombstone city marshal and Deputy U.S. Marshal that day, and had far more experience as a sheriff, constable, marshal, and soldier in combat.
    Earp lived a restless life. He was at different times in his life a constable, city policeman, county sheriff, Deputy U.S. Marshal, teamster, buffalo hunter, bouncer, saloon-keeper, gambler, brothel owner, pimp, miner, and boxing referee. Earp spent his early life in Iowa. In 1870, Earp married his first wife, Urilla Sutherland Earp, who contracted typhoid fever and died shortly before delivering their first child. Within the next two years Earp was arrested, sued twice, escaped from jail, then was arrested three more times for "keeping and being found in a house of ill-fame". He landed in the cattle boomtown of Wichita, Kansas, where he became a deputy city marshal for one year and developed a solid reputation as a lawman. In 1876, he followed his brother James to Dodge City, Kansas, where he became an assistant city marshal. In winter 1878, he went to Texas to track down an outlaw and met John "Doc" Holliday, whom Earp later credited with saving his life.
    Earp moved constantly throughout his life from one boomtown to another. He left Dodge City in 1879 and moved to Tombstone with his brothers James and Virgil, where a silver boom was underway. The Earps bought an interest in the Vizina mine, the First North Extension of the Mountain Maid mine, and some water rights. There, the Earps clashed with a loose federation of outlaws known as the Cowboys. Wyatt, Virgil, and thei...(Continuar Lendo)2016-01-13
  • Mario Vidal

    on 02/05/2016
    Nadie cobra premio millonario de lotería de California: El premio de 63 millones de dólares no ha sido reclama... https://t.co/wO8484VzgD

  • Buenas tardes😘

    Buenas tardes😘
  • on 04/12/2014 Via Youtube
    Earp Cottage (Vidal, CA)

    My brother and me stopped to see Earp Cottage in Vidal, California. This is supposedly the only permanent home that Wyatt Earp and his wife, Josie, ever ...

  • vidal_silva

    on 02/06/2016
    Ah comer!! Jiji (@ California Pizza Kitchen - @cpkmexico in Benito Juárez, DF) https://t.co/gaBrmtgYJ5

  • Source: NCRegister on 02/07/2016

    First Anglican Ordinariate Bishop Ordained: ‘It Means We’re Here to Stay’
    The new bishop, Steven Joseph Lopes, 40, a native of California, was in fact instrumental in the creation ... He knows each one of us priests very well,” explained Father John Vidal, pastor of St. Anselm Catholic Community in Corpus Christi, Texas.

  • Milly #B3ar

    on 02/05/2016
    Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @lubatv https://t.co/GaA11D4SYI AO VIVO DA CALIFORNIA! | Luba-Feira

  • on 16/01/2012 Via Youtube
    Vidal California

  • marc vidal

    on 02/02/2016
    RT @ClubMitjanit: .@xavicampos: "Manel Arroyo i Francesco Calvo, marxen dimecres a Califòrnia per assistir a la Super Bowl i "pescar" algun…

  • 'Planet Nine'? Cosmic Objects' Strange Orbits May Have a Different Explanation

    Ann-Marie Madigan, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, and her co-author Michael McCourt of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics say there's another possible explanation. Modeling work performed by the duo suggests that the scattered-disk objects could "self-organize," pushing and pulling each other into their unusual orbits — as long as there are a whole lot of them out there.

    If the total mass of all of the minor planets in the scattered disk is roughly equivalent to the mass of Earth, the resulting orbit shaping would have occurred within about 600 million years of the solar system's birth, Madigan said during her SETI Institute talk.

    "So we really need that much mass in minor planets for this to happen in the solar system," she said. "If there was much less mass, this wouldn't occur [with]in the age of the solar system."

    The implication, Madigan added, is that "we should have a new Kuiper Belt that's far more massive than the current-day Kuiper Belt, at larger distances, and preferentially lifted off the plane of the major planets."

    Read more at: http://buff.ly/20QB4te

    'Planet Nine'? Cosmic Objects' Strange Orbits May Have a Different Explanation
  • on 09/02/2012 Via Youtube
    F-100D Crash Site Visit near Vidal, CA on 02.03.2012 G. Pat Macha

    North American Aviation F-100D 55-3525 On 5/27/64 1st. Lt. Peter H. Trotogott was flying a mock ground attack sortie during "Operation Desert Strike" on the ...

  • on 19/04/2012 Via Youtube

    AZOP TEAM RACE IN VIDAL CA. Teamed up with local rider Evan Foster #42 , this young guy tore it up out there! Should of put my GoPro on him. I took a spill ...

  • Source: You Don't Know Football on 02/03/2016

    Barcelona routs Valencia 7-0 in Copa del Rey semifinals
    Javier Mascherano, Dani Alves and Claudio Bravo were given the night off by Luis Enrique and subsequently replaced by Jeremy Mathieu, Aleix Vidal and Marc-Andre ter ... most notably through captain Alvaro Negredo. California Gas Company Faces Criminal ...

  • on 15/05/2012 Via Youtube
    3751 going threw Vidal California at night. ( Very dark good sound )

  • Mariann ♥

    on 02/05/2016
    RT @OHHMYGAGAcom: Lady Gaga hoy en el Estadio Levi, California. https://t.co/lUvrSiIne8

  • kaye

    on 02/02/2016
    RT @LouisTommo1DUK: Louis out with Danielle to celebrate her birthday in Venice, California (01 Feb 2016). -g https://t.co/k1mOLHUGDI

  • RT @historyinmoment: Seth Kinman one of the earliest settlers of California sitting on a chair he made out of a grizzly bear. https://t.co/…
  • Source: windsorsquare.ca on 02/09/2016

    Traffic Stop Leads To Charges
    Ricardo Vidal, 48, of Leamington, was charged with Possession of a Schedule I Substance, Possession of a Schedule II Substance, and Unauthorized Possession of a Weapon. He was also charged with Improper Number Plate Light. Vidal will appear in a Leamington ...

  • on 19/12/2013 Via Youtube
    U.S. Route 95 Highway drive north between Blythe and Vidal, California, 18 November, 2013, GP017928

    U.S. Route 95 Highway drive north between Blythe and Vidal, California, 18 November, 2013, Front View, GP017928.

  • RT @NiallsNotes: Nueva foto de Louis junto con una fan recientemente en la ciudad de Los Angeles, California. #NiallsNotes https://t.co/1RG

  • Source: KTIC 840 Rural Radio on 01/29/2016

    Brecht’s Game-Winner Lifts Mavs at Fort Wayne
    One of the three inmates who escaped a maximum-security California jail has been caught ... midway through the second quarter on a jumper from Vidal. IPFW went on a 7-0 run over a five minute span to draw even with less than a minute remaining in ...

  • Source: Bloomberg on 02/05/2016

    Two Tequila Billionaires Who Won’t Be Intimidated by Drug Lords
    Juan Beckmann Vidal, declined to comment. Frat Drink Turning a dilapidated area of Mexico into northern California is part of the family’s strategy to extend the Jose Cuervo brand -- often seen as a favorite of frat houses everywhere -- into a more ...

  • Source: The Guardian on 02/01/2016

    West of Eden: An American Place by Jean Stein review – snakes in the Hollywood hills
    Southern California has its own myth of origins ... ‘She was one of the most horrible people that ever lived,’ Gore Vidal says of his unmaternal mum This piratical tycoon was gruesomely reincarnated by Daniel Day-Lewis in Paul Thomas Anderson ...

  • RT @ddlovato: Dear California, I would love to wake up without immediately needing a Benadryl for once... Can we start tomorrow? Thanks.
  • on 13/11/2015 Via Youtube
    Commercial Property For Sale: 280 Acres Riverside County Line Rd Vidal, California 92280

    For more information visit http://commercial.century21.com/ca/bigriver/280-acres-riverside-county-line-rd-92280/listing-C21FC4TL3 280 Acres Riverside County ...

  • on 10/12/2015 Via Youtube
    Desert Sunset...Vidal California....Colorado River...Timelapse.....RVerTV

    This video is about Full Time RV Living and Desert Sunset...Vidal California....Colorado River...Time-lapse.....RVerTV I can not pass up a good sunset and ...

  • Source: Sportsnet on 02/09/2016

    Barca’s MSN combo: A source of joy or worry?
    Soccer Central podcast: SPORTSNET.CA’s Soccer Central podcast ... With the eventual arrivals of Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal in January, the squad around Messi, Suarez and Neymar is now equipped well enough to harness rather than hinder their magic ...

  • Source: International Business Times on 02/05/2016

    Next generation of machine learning rockstars will trade Google and Facebook for top secret hedge funds
    He spends several months each year working full-time for Google in Mountain View, California as a Distinguished Researcher ... and their forays into machine learning are no exception. Guillaume Vidal, CEO of Walnut Algorithms, which applies machine ...

  • RVerTV

    on 12/10/2015 Via Google++
    Desert Sunset...Vidal California....Colorado River...Timelapse.....RVerTV

    Desert Sunset...Vidal California....Colorado River...Timelapse.....RVerTV
  • Vidal Campos

    on 02/08/2016 Via Google++
    Alamo north california 

    Alamo north california
  • Exelente dia

    Exelente dia
  • on 19/12/2013 Via Youtube
    US Route 95 driver's view northbound between Blythe and Vidal, California, 18 Nov. 2013, GP019405

    US Route 95 driver's side view northbound between Blythe and Vidal Junction, California, 18 November 2013, GP019405.

Vidal - California: Images of the city and region

Shoe Tree (Tamarisk) · Vidal, California
Date : 07 January 2010
Author: John C. Bernays
USA Motorrad Urlaub
Date : 02 January 2014
Author: Goldiholgi
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